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Crystal Tonic Water Bottle

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Crystal Tonic Water Bottles are an amazing way to integrate crystal healing into your body and improve mental well-being. The vibration of the crystal naturally changes the molecular structure of the water infusing the powerful healing properties. According to Dr. Masaru (The Hidden Messages In Water) water is living consciousness, so start drinking yours with intention!


"The moon made me do it!" is a statement we fall victim to when our emotions are out of control. Change the narrative and use a Buddstone Crystal Tonic for calming and soothing emotional energy. It reminds us that when our emotions are aligned and a strong foundation is formed, it is easy to accomplish our goals. The Buddstone Crystal Tonic Bottle is also amazing for increasing the flow of energy throughout the body.

Chakra: Heart | Element: Earth | Sign: Taurus | Number: 2


Take charge of your life and let Obsidian charged water show you how to live protected and empowered. It is known to clear psychic smog making it easy for you to think and act with integrity. It is a truth stone bringing clarity to tough situations and change restricting beliefs and behavioral patterns. Since Obsidian clears stagnant energy it is know to relieve pain and tension throughout the body. It has been used in shamanic rituals to clear disease and disorders from the physical and etheric bodies. 

Chakra: Root | Element: Earth | Sign: Sagittarius | Number: 1


500ml of energized water enclosed in high borosilicate glass with bamboo cap and lid

High borosilicate glass is environmentally friendly and hygienic. Given that it is thermal shock resistant, borosilicate glass has the ability to hold cold and boiling hot water for the purpose of steeping your tea. 

Water is living consciousness, drink yours with intention!