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Spiritual Life Coaching

Jamila (Yogini Ma'at)

is known to be a global leader of self integration through a yogic & spiritual practice. With a lifestyle based around yoga, astrology, & metaphysics she is an infinite learner and observer of life. Part of her mission is to help you transition to a high frequency reality. Allow her to help you change your life by changing the way you operate on a much deeper level. She delves into your personal astrological natal chart uncovering deep rooted beliefs, past programing, and repeated cycles that create all you are experiencing in your life today. Make the choice to book in with her to expand your connection to your higher self as well as your full potential. Using the divination system of astrology she navigates the bright and shadow side inspiring integration in your life.

**Listen to this short interview providing insight into a Yogini Ma'at Soul Guidance Reading Experience**

Soul Guidance Reading

Book a Soul Guidance Reading for profound insight into who you are, the life you are creating, and how to overcome your life challenges. This experience truly speaks to the past, present, and potential future/outcome of a situation or you life as a whole.

What To Expect

 Full Natal Chart (Astrology) & Numerology Analysis

 One-on-one experience in a safe & sacred space

 Uncover your divine life purpose

 Heightened insight into your personal gifts, strengths, and weaknesses

 Release fear-based programming 

 Reveal limiting beliefs that may be contributing to life challenges

 Learn tools to find inner balance and resilience through life’s challenges.