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Lack of mental, emotional, and physical health is an obstacle we all face at some point; and when you are out of alignment life seems upside down. Yogini Ma'at™ is a brand that acknowledges the adversity faced and perceives those moments as divine guidance encouraging you to cultivate your inner Master!

Yoga is the ultimate self care practice that brings together holistic disciplines that help you achieve a healthy body, peaceful mind, and elevated emotions of love. Ultimately, yoga is a self care practice that shifts you into a state that corresponds with higher frequencies, extended awareness, and a state of self-alignment. 

Maintaining a high frequency vibration is the magic sauce needed to become the magician of your life and live a high frequency reality. 

The Ma'at Dynasty is a way for us to connect and work with leaders in the community, who like us, are spreading their love, wisdom and passion for conscious self development through self love practices as well as manifestation in life. 

We want to give you the knowledge and tools to create freedom through entreprenuership by leveraging the power of our social network. 


☥ Leaders who advocate for self development 
☥ Share our values and mission
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How it works

If you are ready to start making an income online by leveraging all social media platforms advocating for a vegan high frequency lifestyle -we've got you covered!

We offer our Ma'at Dynasty Program with collaboration opportunities, teach you everything you need to know to start making another source of income, and how to manifest your desired reality. We have live events once a month, as well as weekly online events to give you the support you need in order to grow your income online. The goal is to work from anywhere while living your best life!

Join the Ma'at Dynasty there are opportunities to level up in earnings and win big while advocating for self alignment.

How to get started

  1. Follow us on Instagram @yoginimaat @shop_yoginimaat and Facebook @yoginimaat
  2. Fill out The Ma'at Dynasty application
  3. Members of our Dynasty will review your application and if accepted you will receive a welcome email with your personalized coupon to share with your friends, family and following.
  4. Tag #yoginimaat on your posts and we will feature you on our social media platform.

Infinite Gratitude for your interest in becoming part of our Dynasty!

If you have any questions feel free to email us: .

We look forward to welcoming you into the program!