About Us

Yogini Ma'at is a yoga brand with luxury hemp yoga mats designed to provide high quality durable performance and assist in creating a high frequency reality. We offer the most creative art inspired hemp yoga mats that are biodegradable and toxin free with better grip and anti-slip. 

Our mission is to elevate sentient beings globally through holistic self alignment, irresistible hemp yoga mats, & eco-conscious production.

7 Core Principles

  1. Customer Commitment: We develop relationships that make a positive influence in our customers reality.
  2. Passion: We guarantee a "true love" experience. Passion creates our products.
  3. Quality: We provide exceptional vegan hemp products & efficient service that deliver premium value to our customers.
  4. Gratitude: We value our people, encourage their development, & reward their performance. It takes a village to raise a business.
  5. Innovation: We welcome and lead change. It is the only thing that is constant.
  6. Excellence: We exhibit a strong will to win. High standards are a way of life.
  7. Prosperity: Assisting our people, customers, and business maintain prosperity.


Yogini Ma'at Team

Jamila Flake - Yogini Ma'at

Jamila Flake (Yogini Ma'at) 

Founder & CEO | Yoga Teacher & Spiritual Life Coach

Jamila (Yogini Ma'at) is known to be a global leader of self integration through a yogic and spiritual practice. With a lifestyle based around yoga, philosophy, astrology, and metaphysics she is an infinite learner and observer of life. Part of her mission is to help guide individuals through much needed change; physically, mentally, and spiritually. In 2015, her deep practice of yoga began and so did her phenomenal transformation. In 2016, she began conducting yoga workshops across North America and the UK sharing her wisdom on the power of alignment. In 2018, her yoga platform transitioned into Yogini Ma'at Incorporated elevating sentient begins globally through heart/mind & body alignment, luxury hemp yoga mats, and eco-conscious production. Today Yogini Ma'at Inc. is the leading brand of hemp yoga mats on the market. In 2020, she co-founded House Of Nine App, an elite space where Black women to gather for self-mastery and sisterhood. Jamila looks forward to expanding her reach, developing the next generation of leaders, and helping individuals raise their frequency.

Contact for:

Collaborations: Jamila@yoginimaat.com

Dr. Isabella Ayree

Isabella Aryee | Food Naturalist | Entrepreneur | CFO

Isabella has a deep interest in anatomy and the natural ways of healing. Not only is she completing the final stage in Medical School at Karoloniska University (Sweden) her lifestyle is based around plant-based foods, physical practice, and clear mindset practices. She spreads awareness of the true meaning of nutrition as well as herbal treatments for optimal health. In fact, in the realm of vitamins, minerals and herbs she possesses a great deal of experience and knowledge she loves to share. Natural healing and how it is applied can be complex but Isabella will teach you step by step how, what and when to consume different compounds for best well-being within and without.


Art by Aev | Intuitive Artist

We are profoundly grateful to have @artbyaev be apart of the Yogini Ma’at Inc. dynasty. Early in our development Aev came to us with a strong desire to bless us with his gift; ART. He took on the responsibility of producing a Logo/Seal to a concept envisioned by Yogini Maat and immediately blew us away with his creative insight. You know what they say, “first impressions are EVERYTHING!”. We couldn’t wait to collaborate with him again in co-creating the visuals for the Hemp Yoga Mats first collection! *

“Working with Aev has been more than a pleasure. He is such a team player. It is so refreshing see him produce the visuals to a concept or idea conveyed verbally. Pure magic!”

Cheers to art, motivation, and consistency! We are honored to work with and support him in his endeavors.


Instagram: @artbyaev for all your art needs.