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About Us

Yogini Ma'at is a brand that offers luxury hemp yoga mats that are premium quality, durable, biodegradable, and toxin-free. Because we care for Mother Earth, we pride ourselves in providing the most aesthetically pleasing, 100% vegan items to support our users daily. 
It is our core mission to assist our clients across the world in creating a high-frequency reality through holistic self-alignment and a wide array of our irresistible hemp yoga mats that fit exactly what they want to achieve in life.




    Media Kit by YOGINI MAAT

    The Woman Behind The Brand

    Jamila Flake (Yogini Ma'at) 

    Founder & CEO | Yoga Teacher 

    Yogini Ma’at is known to be a global leader of self integration through yoga and spiritual practices. As a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and founder of Yogini Ma’at Inc. Yogini's lifestyle is based around the principles of yoga, philosophy, and metaphysics, displaying her to be an infinite learner and observer of life and the divine. Part of her purpose is to be an instrument in guiding others through much needed change, connect with the real self, discover passion and inspiration, and find the energy, health, and harmony that already resides within. In 2015, her deep practice of yoga began and so did her phenomenal transformation. In 2016, she began conducting yoga workshops across North America and the UK sharing her wisdom on the power of alignment. In 2018, her yoga platform transitioned into Yogini Ma'at Inc. elevating beings globally through self-alignment, luxury hemp yoga mats, and eco-conscious production. Today Yogini Ma'at Inc. is the leading brand of hemp yoga mats on the market. Yogini Ma’at looks forward to expanding her reach, developing the next generation of leaders, and helping individuals raise their frequency.