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3 reasons to switch to a plant based yoga mat

     Whether you're new to yoga or you've been practicing for years, we know that you want a mat that fully supports mind, body and spirit alignment. What you may not know is that most yoga mats on the market are made from harmful chemicals that don't support a healthful practice. In this post, we'll dive into chemicals that leading yoga mat companies use and why a plant based mat is the best option for your health and for the environment. 


PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is a toxic plastic that doesn't break down after disposal. It takes years to decompose and creates mass environmental pollution.

From the production to the utilization, PVC is absorbed through the skin and by inhalation. Because it is a classified carcinogenic, this makes it a major health risk for those that produce the mats and those that use them.

The endocrine system which regulates your hormones, mood and organ function is especially sensitive to chemicals like PVC and you are likely to experience complications that you may not be aware are related to the materials in your mat.

Skin care yoga

The durability and quality of a plant based yoga mat is unmatched. You can rely on this mat for years, knowing that it supports your health, intentions and guaranteed to support your body or the environment.

Fierce Yoga Mat

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