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We believe that veganism encapsulates the philosophy of compassionate living; and that there are a plethora of ways to embrace a vegan lifestyle that goes beyond dietary patterns. 

Yogini Ma'at defines veganism as a high-frequency lifestyle that helps you reflect on the way you think and feel, and the actions you take.

It is pivotal to us that we assist you as you create a high frequency reality.

"...I have the "Fierce Hemp Yoga Mat" from them and I am in love with it. Not only is it made from 100% natural hemp and tree rubber, it is toxin free AND it is truly a great yoga mat. It has grip that allows me to feel grounded and strong on my mat and it has just the right amount of cushion and support for my knees in poses such as camel. I will never buy another yoga mat from lululemon again..."  View Full Review

Kiana Madeira

Stepping onto a Yogini Maat yoga mat is like stepping into a new dimension. It's almost like you can feel the high vibrations being absorbed into your body through every session. Even my meditation sessions have enhanced in a special way. I will never use any other mat.

Jillisa Brown

I was so excited to receive my vegan mat! I couldnt get over the texture and density as well as the design....beautiful. There is a frequency it carries that is very powerful yet calming. I'm in love with my new yoga mat. Thank you Yogini Maat!

Jae Daley

The quality of this mat is beyond amazing! Such a thick cushioning (great for sensitive kness). Also, the hemp is so soft on the skin! The best yoga mat I have ever had.

Ashley Fox

Soft sturdy and I maintained my grip through a hot yoga class. Didn’t have to use a towel. That’s an extra plus for me.

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